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DISCOVER TODOS SANTOS At the wedding reception, the photographer yelled, ‘Would all the married men, please stand next to the one person who has made your life worth living.’ The bartender was almost crushed to death. If you like Boho Chic meets Old World Charm, If you like to celebrate your marriage in a place that is still largely undiscovered, If you like stunningly beautiful undeveloped beaches, If you like the appeal of a small Mexican pueblo to entertain your guests, Then you might consider getting married in one of the many beautiful hotels or places available in Todos Santos. Todos Santos is a little ranch town nestled against the ocean with amazing beaches, old beautiful buildings and new construction that is modeled after the old.  Because we are so small, many businesses in town are open to the idea of structuring events specifically for each couple’s taste and interest. Want karaoke night?  We can make one. Want to laze by the pool and beach or have a pool party? We can do that too. Want watch the sunset over the ocean with amazing views? Yes, we have that as well. Want to hike up in the Sierra’s, see a waterfall and go to a hot spring?  Yes, yes and yes! Go down to Cabo for a night on the town, go into La Paz and enjoy the beautiful Malecón or boardwalk and swim in a bay with crystal blue waters. Enjoy the art walks in Todos Santos or the several farmer’s markets with fresh organic produce and hand-crafted items. We are small, but we are mighty. All the hotels in Todos Santos are unique and under 20 rooms, which means that couples are practically guaranteed intimacy in a beautiful setting. If you have any questions about planning your wedding in Todos Santos, contact Mishka Designs Mexico or go to Check out these hotels  to see if getting married in Todos Santos is right for you and your fiancé: – Beach Hotel and venue, can also act as a large house. 4 rooms. – Downtown Hotel and multiple venues. 14 rooms. – Downtown Hotel. 9 rooms. – Downtown Hotel, can also act as a large house. 8 rooms.   Outside of Todos Santos, but within 20 minutes: – Hotel and venue. – Hotel and venue.   NOTE: if you are having a wedding with a party of over 30 people, you will want to look at a venue, plus multiple options for your guests to stay. Downtown Todos Santos is a great place for everyone to convene due to the fact that you can walk to all the restaurants and shopping.]]>

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