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Discover Todos Santos


Todos Santos is an inspirational mecca for artists and aficionados of all flavors of art. It is a dreamland for dreamers and with the Tropic of Cancer crossing through this little Pueblo Magico, the dreams feel more intense, the images are more powerful. This is a welcome place to get artistically weird. Art here is a medium for self expression, but it also serves as a tool to influence the minds about social issues or as a healing force. If art and film were a meal in Todos Santos, it would be a super burro combo: the culture, the geography, the bohemian charisma, the lingering light, the fresh air, the raw undeveloped earth, the ocean; garnished with the canopy of green palms—all wrapped up in the same burrito. Just being here is inspiring! Just ask Dennis McGhee, who has sourced and now painted over 365 cow skulls with outstanding creativity and colors. And it isn’t a stretch to find oneself lost in an Ezra Katz painting, where the palm trees are swaying and one can almost smell the dirt being kicked up by the tires of a ’67 Ford Bronco as it meanders down a dusty road. Or experience the fun of trying to name all the famous faces found in an N.E Hayles poster of influential people. The roads are peppered with art galleries. We even have a Teatro de Cine on our plaza. The calendar is populated with the Art Festival, the Music Festival and the weekly art walk and Open Studios Event, where more than 30 galleries are open to the public. Kate Turning managed to hit the ball out of the park last year for the Film Festival and the leitmotiv of Woman and Film and the Environment. She painted a striking image of a beautiful woman elegantly dressed, armed with a video camera in the stunning nature of Baja. Art and Film are part and parcel to what makes Todos Santos a perfect setting for creative inspiration, and for those who look to celebrate art and imbibe a refreshing culture. Todos Santos is also home to the International Writer’s Workshop. The next big Festival in Todos Santos is the Music Festival put on by Peter Buck of REM. It begins January 15 and runs for two consecutive weekends, ending January 23, 2016. We hope to see you here!   Todos Santos 2016: Music Festival: January 14 – 16 / 21 – 23 Art Festival: February 6 – 13 Film Festival: March 16 – 22 Gastrovino: April 22 – 24    ]]>

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