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The islands of Loreto

For adventure-seekers and nature-lovers, The Islands of Loreto offer an unknown paradise where visitors can encounter resident seabirds, sea lions, massive rock formations and white sand dunes where you can camp out, swim, sunbathe and just enjoy the dramatic surroundings.


This Island is located 7 miles northeast of the coast of the town of Loreto. It is a wildlife reserve where visitors may anchor, scuba and snorkel. On Coronado Island you can find sea dahlias, various species of cactus, wild cucumber and house-leek. You can also find bird colonies that nest on the island such as pelicans, gulls, petrels and sea ducks that can be spotted in the nearby waters. It’s very common to see sea lions, seals, elephant seals and sea otters. Only a short 30 minute ride, Coronado Island is the ideal place for an adventure or for relaxation; sunbathe on the semiarid beach, observe colonies of sea lions and dolphins, snorkel and simply immerse yourself in nature.


A 45 minute ride in a panga boat from the Loreto’s main dock, Isla Del Carmen is the largest island of the Sea of Cortez that consists of 15,000 protected hectares and  is only accessible with a guide. This allows you to experience a strong coexistence with nature along with complete privacy and freedom. The history of Carmen Island revolves mainly around the salt deposits located on the north end of the island which are called Bahia Salinas. The Isla del Carmen salt industry ceased operations in 1984.


Isla Danzante is a Loreto icon that is home to many endemic plants, coral reefs and a wide variety of marine species. Its lovely and small beaches are a great place to enjoy diving, hiking or just relaxing under the sun at  Honeymoon Beach.


Located approximately 3 hours from Loreto, Montserrat Island  is the perfect place for snorkeling and trail hiking. Constituted by volcanic rock, the island measures 4.35 miles long in direction North-South and 3 miles east-west. On the north side there are two islets called Las Galeras where copper veins have been discovered.


A great extension of land and sea where you will find biznagas (local cactus species) of up to 16 feet tall, incredible natural beauty and a rich diversity of fauna. *

These 5 islands around Loreto are an excellent choice for a variety of activities and should not be missed.  To book an excursion to one of these fantastic islands ask your hotel concierge.


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