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Danzante Bay Golf Club


«I have no doubt that no. 17 will be one of the best in the world» – Rees Jones This land features dunes, mountains, foothills, desert, arroyos and ocean holes. And the final seven valley holes, set to open in a year, remind you of a Jurassic Park journey. It is very much like an Arizona with giant saguaros (called cardón cactus in Mexico) and rugged terrain minus an unspoiled ocean. The 7,107-yard, par-72 course also features a nine-hole putting course inspired by the famed Himalayas Course in St. Andrews, Scotland, where families can enjoy playing together. And the practice facility is an unusual, uphill, reverse funnel into the mountain face. So why did Danzante Golf Club open with just 11 holes completed? «People staying at the hotel kept asking to play,» said hotelier Owen Perry, owner of the Villa Group. «So one day this February we did, and everyone who played loved it and wanted to play again.» «Most of the world’s most popular golf courses that have stood the test of time were built slowly,» Jones said. «Golf holes aren’t really designed and built from a plan — you feel them in the land. This land is so good it tells us what to do. The holes fit the land naturally.» The golf course is one that both avid and casual golfers will want to travel to play, Jones added. The golf course has open entrances, pockets and sandy areas to capture the ball and keep it from going into the desert. Jones has kept the green contours mild so that the putting surfaces are manageable in the wind. «People will want to play this course over and over again because the conditions change with the wind,» Jones said. «Being located in a protected marine park, we adhered to stringent environmental rules, and we gladly accepted the challenge, because we feel that is going to keep the Islands of Loreto unique,» said Perry. «Sunrise each day gives the mountains a brownish hue, and when the sun sets at night, they turn a vibrant red. And the views of the bay are without question some of the best I’ve ever seen. We’re literally carving this golf course into this incredible setting while maintaining all of its natural beauty.»]]>

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