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Culinary Cabo – Family Dining



By Jake SnookOne of the most traditional ways to bring a family together is through the sharing of food. Food makes us go home for the holidays, travel the globe to find different flavors and stands as an international language that brings cultures together.Cabo San Lucas has a culinary seen that is rare to Mexico. With blends of every side of the earth, any type of cuisine and level of dining can be found when traveling to the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula. Although considered a luxury resort destination, all levels of budgets can enjoy family dining in Cabo. One of our favorite things about the area is the blend of culture and high-end quality; this clearly translates directly into the dining options all at your convenience.The Marina provides livelihood, fresh fish and an astounding amount for restaurants. One of the go-to spots for a fun experience here is Sancho’s. They serve home cooked bar-esque food, with great appetizers and their famous Pink Tacos. A dyed soft tortilla, lined with beans and cheese encases a hard-shell tacos that comes loaded with “the works” and your choice of fish, chicken or beef. Nacho cheese drizzled on top combined with their homemade hot sauce are picturesque to say the least.Legends Sports Bar on the marina provides crispy hot wings, freshly- made salsa-topped nachos and some of the best onion rings in town. While surrounded by big screens to watch your favorite sports teams go at it, families can gather here to feel a little bit like home in a welcoming environment. The Superbowl is just as big in Cabo as it is in the USA, so make sure to reserve a table if you ever decide to stop in Legends for a cold beer and some great gametime snacks.Depending on where you’re staying, it rarely takes very long to get anywhere in Cabo San Lucas when you hop in a taxi or use Uber to get around. Most dining establishments can be found on the OpenTable restaurant app, which will allow you to not only make reservations for families and larger groups, but will provide reward points for more dining experiences as well.Downtown Cabo is home to one of the most wholesome, family-owned spots that has been providing freshly cooked chicken, ribs and all the traditional Mexican favorites since 1979. El Pollo de Oro (The Golden Chicken) is located right off of the main street in Cabo San Lucas and is packed all day, every day. The family owned restaurant takes a one month break annually during the summer season and, to the sadness of the town, shuts the restaurant down. Huge portions, monstrous margaritas and a half-a-chicken/half rack of ribs for $8 USD, this place provides that home-away-from-home feeling that every family wants when they sit down to refuel after a fun day of sun, partying and excursions.Alcaravea and Peregrino’s both set the tone with rustic atmosphere and ambiance in downtown Cabo that is unparalleled around the area. Alcaravea provides indoor/outdoor seating and Italtian food that will have you internally debating if you area south of the border or across the Atlantic. The roasted vegetable platter appetizers along with the filet mignon tenderloins in gorgonzola sauce will have forks flying as you fend off family members from stealing pieces of meat.At Peregrinos, good luck getting a table on a weekend night without reservations as every family and their extensions are filling the capacity of the 60 person capacity dining area. With an Italian-ish menu, the smoked octopus is a personal favorite, along with their queso fundido. Anything that comes with their homemade risotto is great to share with your favorite relative. The best way to end an experience here is to order a few Carajillos for the table; make sure to get the first sip because this is a coffee-liqueur mix drink over ice that will most likely not make it in a full loop around the family if being shared.Some other great places to note in the area that are astounding for family- dining are Fish Sushi, a raw Japanese experience with fresh fish and great atmosphere. Casa Calavera at Vidanta in San Jose del Cabo combines high-end culinary skills with incredible aesthetics. Chamoya Grill in Cabo with outdoor seating and braised short-ribs that fall off the bone as the plate hits the table. Mariscos Tres Islas, as mentioned by “Where The Locals Eat” in a previous edition of Destino is always primed to throw a couple tables together and pound out fresh seafood tostadas with enough variety for the entire family to pick from.We here at Destino want to remind you that good food is always best when shared with great company. No matter the size, shape or color of the family; food brings us back to our roots as everyone has to eat! Check out more about these culinary spots on TripAdvisor, FaceBook and the OpenTable app to look for reviews and availability. Happy Eating!

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