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Culinary Cabo – Beat The Summer Heat




Summertime in Cabo; the restaurants are packed, beaches are full and the heat is coming down faster than the tourists. Beating the summer temperature waves can serve as a task, but a few of our favorite places to stop and cool down are just a few miles away.A trip into town while on the hunt for something chilly should lead you straight to a local smoothie/juice bar, El Dengue. Blending fruit, nuts, juice and ice has never seemed so artistic until you view the mountains of fresh fruit that line the shelves on the walls. Cold juices like the Corazón, mix solely the nectars that come from smashing, mashing and straining the fruits. Whereas the smoothies all have a splash of milk added while blending to give it a bit more body. The L.A. is a smoothie combo of peaches, strawberries, assorted nuts and fresh ice that will make all 55 Pesos completely worth it.A dip in the ocean while deciding where to head next is always an option when the heat is just that much. Ocean breeze can’t always save us in Cabo so stop by Medano Beach for some fun, water and maybe even a bit of freshly-sliced mango from one of the vendors and their carts!Just off the main drag, across from McDonalds, sits Cantaritos. A small tequila/mezcal bar that is run by Raul, his wife and their tiny companion bar-dog Coco. Raul makes one of the meanest mix-drinks we’ve ever had, so a stop here to chill a little is worth it. Mixing all fresh fruit juices that hand squeezed by Raul himself, some Squirt soda and either tequila or mezcal, this combo is a homerun time after time at Cantaritos. Served in a “cantarito”, a small fire-hardened clay vessel with a huge straw and salt on the rim, this rendition of a margarita entertains no competitors.

Fresh ceviche on a hot summer day is no stranger in Mexico; whether its spicy, mild or sweet a seafood cocktail from Gardenias or Tres Islas will have you relaxed in your chair no matter the climate. Gardenias is also home to one of the best Pina Coladas in town; since there is no chance of “getting caught in the rain” in Cabo, kick back with a bowl of crispy-juicy pescado and tostada while crushing a drink under the sanctitude of some ceiling fans.A trip to San José to beat the heat will allow you to surpass the cocos fríos stand at the cabo azul point. Catch some rare ocean breeze while overlooking the surfers down by Zippers as you sip the water from an ice-cold coconut through a straw. A great place to stop and stretch the legs while enjoying a view.Further in San José, Omnia Day Club is always serving fresh drinks and killer beats as they party in all types of weather. The Vidanta property is known for its array of styles all in one place and Casa Calavera, their Mexican restaurant on-site, does not miss the boat. Freshly made guacamole with house-made chips, topped with stone crab is the perfect combo with one of their artisanal margaritas from the bar. Although a bit pricey, this place will provide ambiance, shade, great service and a feeling of relaxation that makes the summer’s heat subside.A day-trip for snorkeling and some jungle juice on any of Pez Gato’s sea adventures can help cut the temperature as the water soaks your skill while searching the earths floor and reefs for sea creatures. A sunset cruise and some hors d’oeuvres keep the rays out of your eyes and lets the cool salty air of the evening take over for a bit of tranquility as the sun subsides.One of the best ways to end a summer evening is with fresh veggies and fish. Koi Sushi, located in the Walmart shopping center can provide both, at great prices and easily accessible, the seafood salad here is a go-to when avoiding summers heatwaves. A mound of fresh lettuce and greens, topped with freshly carved tuna, salmon and the catch-of-the-day will have chopsticks flying while converging on the dish. Ask for their sushi roll specials as there are a couple options that are no longer displayed on the menu, but still available for order. El Orphano, a non-fried fresh-fish roll topped with diced octopus and a tangy red sauce always makes for a great pairing with the seafood salad as well.San Jose, Todos Santos and Cabo San Lucas all have different and unique ways to keep your mind off of the temperature during these few months of the year. No matter how you choose to avoid the summers heat in Cabo, we can all agree that it’s always better than avoiding chores back at home.

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