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In The Spotlight – Cabo San Lucas Marina Art Expo



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Every Friday from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm a group of local artists glamorize the Cabo San Lucas marina. With the support of the Director of API, Mr. Hector Montano, local artists give cultural life to the marina.

In this art exposition you will find paintings with a variety of techniques, photography of our beautiful Cabo, and digital art embellished with the flavor of our region.

Each artist is carefully selected by the Group Director, and artist, Lucero del Angel, with the intention to have extraordinary art at every Friday’s exhibition.

The tourist/visitor can be sure to find local art for different tastes and of great quality. You can be certain that the artists of this art exposition are quality local professionals.

Where there is culture there is Art, and where there is art there is culture. Come and see for yourself and visit this art walk. It’s a must to do in your visit to Cabo San Lucas.

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