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BEACH HOME The Psychology of Color BY Mangala Magda / Bohostella Interior Designer What would life be without color? We wait in anticipation for spring to be showered in fresh colors, and then celebrate the fall when Mother Nature gives us her last glimpse into the world of shimmering gold and red tones. We escape winter white to be surrounded by endless sights of blue oceans and seas. Color not only feeds the eye, but has both physiological and psychological components. Color can calm our nervous system, lift our spirit, and fill our life with joy. The more you understand color and what it relates to in terms of our emotions, our mood and outlook, the easier it will become to choose the right shades for each of the rooms in your home, or even for your wardrobe. Conscious decision-making is vital in our process of creating not only spaces that nourish our eyes, but also homes that nurture our spirit and give us an overall feeling of wellbeing. For instance, if you are seeking a feeling of tranquility, choose shades of blue, green, grey, or white. Are you in need of invigorating your space? Choose joyful shades of yellow and orange. Tones of purple and pink will suit very well your need to reflect love, spirituality, and magic! Black is the color of ultimate sophistications and formality, while red is all about romance and passion. Color is a powerful design tool that can make the rooms in your home feel more calm, cheerful, comfortable or dramatic. It can also give you the illusion of more space (white), or make a large room feel intimate (dark tones). If you are not ready to dive deep into color by painting your entire room, start by choosing colorful accessories. Throw pillows, area rugs, throws, or even a vase of freshly cut flowers can bring a much needed pop of color into your space and awaken something in you!]]>

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