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Be Cool in the Summer Heat




By Alex Navarro.

Hello again, I am so happy that we are in the middle of summertime and that you are here in Los Cabos vacationing during this wonderful month of August, which is one of my favorite months for many reasons. First, I was born in August and throughout my life I was usually vacationing during this month due to the summer break from school, so it was always fun times with no homework or many schedules. Now I love it because it is when we have the surf season here in Los Cabos. Of course August can also be extremely hot, so surfing is one of the perfect ways to cool off and refresh from the high temperatures. And not only that, surfing also refreshes your whole self. After surfing you feel your soul renewed in some way. So if you have never surfed before, maybe this summer in Cabo is the right time. We have great spots to learn and amazing surf schools and instructors. The Costa Azul area in Cabo is where you want to go to get some surf lessons and also renting a board. Anyone you ask can recommend you a great option, so get away from the heat by catching some waves this vacation.

Another fantastic way to cool off from the hot weather is to check out the cold pools and streams in Miraflores. This little town is about 35 minutes north of the San Jose del Cabo airport and its cold pools are absolutely magical. Bring a lunch and enjoy a very different experience from the beaches of Cabo. Here within DESTINO Magazine, in the maps section you will find it just south of Santiago town. When you arrive in Miraflores, just ask a local resident where the «pozas» are, which means pools, and they will give you directions.

For me, a great way to enjoy the hot summer here in Cabo is to take a sunset stroll in downtown San Jose del Cabo. The city has just remodeled the main plaza and it turned out very nice. There are many benches to sit down and relax, as well as many different shops, restaurants and art galleries to have a very good time.

Back in the water, snorkeling has got to be an all-time favorite activity to refresh from the hot sun and sand. I highly recommend you try it out this visit. We have some amazing snorkeling spots with many species of tropical colorful fish and fascinating coral formations. Some top sites are Neptune’s finger in Cabo San Lucas, Santa Maria bay and Chileno reef on the Cabo corridor, and La Sirenita beach in Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park. If you are into scuba diving, that may be the ultimate way to keep cool underwater and have a fun time. Not to mention the outstanding scuba companies and unimaginable scuba sites that we have here in southern Baja.

Can’t forget to mention Wet Fun waterpark in Caduaño town as another perfect alternative to do a great family activity this trip that goes perfect with the hot Cabo summer sun. This recreational water park is also only about 25 minutes past the airport and has great water slides and swimming pools. There is much shade all around and a restaurant too. I have been there many times for my son’s birthday and we always have a fabulous time.

Any sunset boat tour in Cabo will also be the right choice to do an activity during these hot summer days. There are many options to choose from, some have great dining and drinking, and others offer wonderful night shows and themed performances. But the most amazing thing is that you go past the famous arch which is very beautiful and unforgettable. This is the perfect activity to make your vacation absolutely memorable as either the clear stargazing or the passing moon will make the short voyage even more spectacular.

Furthermore, for me to handle the extremely hot days, I like eating and drinking very refreshing things. One of my favorite dishes is really cold fish ceviche. If you have never tried ceviche, you have to. It is a very traditional meal all over Latin America and here in Mexico we love it. It is basically diced fish cooked in lemon juice and then mixed with diced veggies. There are many different recipes, but any that is served to you will be most likely wonderful, as long as it served quite chilled. So imagine a big bowl of delicious ceviche and a huge mango smoothie on the side. Or of course an extremely cold beer!

Last month I wrote a piece on mangos and how it is mango season right now in Cabo, and I left out a couple delicious things that can be made from mangos. One is mango water, which is the easiest thing to make. You just have to fill a blender with mango pulp, add ice and water and blend. To make it a bit sweeter you can add bee honey. This is the perfect drink to refresh on these hot days. Another delicious meal with mango that I forgot to mention in the previous issue, is oatmeal with mango. For me this is a great surf food. I usually have it before a surf session and it is perfect for me to be able to have good energy and fuel and not feel too heavy on my stomach. I like to add some seeds, like chia seeds to the oatmeal and also some sliced bananas to get a little more power.

Finally, maybe one last suggestion to cool off this summer vacation is to take a day trip to the Todos Santos area on the Pacific Ocean side. This area is known to have a micro climate which is created by the breezes of the Pacific Ocean and the high mountains of the Sierra La Laguna mountain range which for about a 30-mile distance come very close to the coast. This creates a lot of cool mist which is one of the factors why the area is great for agriculture. The climate varies but it can be 10 degrees Fahrenheit lower than Cabo regularly. Check out Pescadero town and Cerritos beach when visiting this area too. Cerritos is a wonderful beach and is also one of the great spots to learn how to surf here in Baja Sur.

Surf’s up! Cool down!

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