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The Baja Divide – A Bikepackers Dream Come True


Nearly a year after finalizing the route, Destino writer Justin Biel caught up with Carman, to learn more about the Baja Divide. Here’s the scoop: For those of you excited about tackling the route, Carman assures me it’s not merely a grueling endeavor. During the planning and riding phase, Carman kept the enjoyment of future riders in mind. «I wanted the trails to be relatively pleasant,» said Carman. Of course, he knew the route was long, and he also had to be smart about offering access points for food and water in the most remote stretches. «I had to keep asking myself,» said Carman, «would I send my friends here?» After much planning and a bit of trial and error, the route has Carman’s seal of approval. Other riders have also jumped at the chance to ride the Baja from border to border. «To date,» said Carman, «the Baja Divide has been ridden by somewhere between 200-300 riders.» Carman chose Baja to develop his first major bikepacking route for a variety of reasons. In regards to geography, Carman liked the ease with which bikepackers could access the route. «It’s quite easy to get to San Diego,» said Carman, «and the border crossing into Mexico is easy.» The climate of the route was also an enticing feature, especially to riders like Carman who are sidelined by inclement riding conditions during the winter months. But most of all, Carman wanted to share his love for Baja and Mexican culture. «We’re getting people across the border,» said Carman, «and when they get there, they always have a great experience.» For riders brave enough to take on the Baja Divide, here’s what to expect. «In general,» said Carman, «be prepared for lots of long, remote dirt roads that crisscross from coast to coast, hot days, cool nights under star-filled sky’s, laid-back community, challenging riding, and lots of interesting geographies.» As you might have guessed, biking is Carman’s number one passion. So when he’s not traveling the world, peddling from country to country, Carman works at a bike shop saving money for his next big adventure. Go figure. To check out more details on the Baja Divide route, please visit: bajadivide.com[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]]]>

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