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Baja Bios – Modu Seye


MODU SEYE has always been motivated to aim high. A native of Senegal, Modu came to America as a young man, and then went on to earn his bachelors and masters degrees in business from the University Of Nebraska, Omaha. After a stint in corporate America, Modu was pulled to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modeling. It was in Los Angeles that Modu realized his passion for fitness. He earned his first certification for personal training in 2009 and then created ModuVated as a way to share his unique perspective on fitness and healthy living. From his start in Los Angeles, demand for Mudu Seye and his training style spread, taking him south to Cabo San Lucas. Modu operates two gyms, one located at the Koral Center in San Jose Del Cabo, and another at Diamante in Cabo San Lucas. Today, Modu Seye and his team are known as the top fitness professionals in Los Cabos. Here’s a brief Q&A with the man himself:

It’s not about where you’re from, but whom you choose to become
Where are you originally from? Senegal, Africa. Why have you chosen to call Los Cabos home? This place has given me everything, I’ve met a lot of special people and it has let me pursuit my dream and live my passion day by day. What are you most inspired by today? The same thing that has inspired me since I was born, my mother. Now I can also say my son and the fact that I don’t want to let my team down. What new skill are you trying to learn? Become a Spinning instructor. What do you do to raise your energy level? Be around positive people . What do you do to decompress? Spend time with my son. What’s the best advice you’re ever received? Nothing worth having comes easy. Do you believe in chasing dreams? Yes. Why? Because I just think it gives you purpose in life, that’s what makes you get up in the morning, otherwise you settle to be average. What emotion are you feeling right now? Truly blessed, that’s how I feel, the fact that I’m healthy and successful. What would you tell anyone coming to Los Cabos? Its an amazing place, most people focus on the weather, the food and the beach, but for me what makes it special is the people.]]>

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