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All That’s Fishy – August 2018



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Monthly Fishing Report by Gary Graham

It was early July and there had already been sixth named storms! Along with some rain which is always welcomed in moderation. And although there has been little impact thus far, the accompanying winds have stirred up the seas surrounding the tip, causing off-color conditions and lower-than-normal sea temps that create some challenges.

The larger blue and black marlin have yet to appear in any quantity. However, the striped marlin that usually seem less prevalent are still around in impressive numbers. They’ve been joined by their “cousins,” the always- entertaining sailfish, and even a few swordfish which are seldom seen in any quantity.

The smaller yellowfin tuna, sometime referred to as “footballs”, have dominated recent catches but the larger variety reaching several hundred pounds or more, are a rarity. Since they are always considered a prize catch, local anglers are expecting, or hoping, they will arrive in greater numbers soon.

Bait supplies of caballito, mullet and some sardina are available in most areas. Up on the Gordo Banks off Puerto Los Cabos, there has been sporadic bait fish schooling. Some days there are plenty to be found, and some days not as many. Anglers using yo-yo jigs have found fishing for red snapper (huachinango) from good to excellent.

Only a few smaller-sized dorado have been seen recently. The yellowfin tuna action was found from 15- to 30-miles offshore and was associated with fast- traveling porpoise. However, the spotty action has dictated searching for tuna averaging from 12- to 18-pounds.

In the East Cape area, summer is in full swing with lots of good-sized yellowfin, a consistent billfish bite, big roosters, some big wahoo, improved dorado fishing and unbelievable bottom fishing for big pargo and amberjack. Lots of caballito and plentiful big sardina are available here daily.

Here, there are also lots of sails mixed with stripers along with a few blues and black marlin beginning to arrive. You’ll find them off La Ribera, spread over a wide area.

Many nice yellowfin from 20- to 50-pounds are being caught close inside from the lighthouse south; most are being taken within a 1/2 mile of the beach on live sardina and caballito. The tuna are also outside under the porpoise taking Hoochies and cedar plugs. Additionally, some big bruisers to 85 pounds are being caught north off Punta Pescadero.

Plus a few of the 40- to 65-pound wahoo are being caught on local private and hotel boats. The dorado bite is improving with some nice bulls and many smaller dorado.

All anglers who are targeting roosterfish released at least one over 40 pounds daily. They were chasing feeding fish off the lighthouse and most local beaches.

Bottom fishing is producing large pargo to 30 pounds mixed with amberjack to 55 pounds! Almost all anglers fishing the bottom are scoring both species.

So far, Cerralvo Island has produced the most consistent catches of larger- sized yellowfin. Back nearer the launch area at Muertos Bay and around on the Los Arenas beaches, the roosterfish action has continued to be epic with 50+ pounders being caught frequently.

Around La Paz, the fish are school-sized dorado. In the rocks, there are lots of snapper, big pargo and cabrilla and even some holdover, cooler-water yellowtail.

Loads of fish are lost in the rocks, but you could easily have 10 to 30 biters a day and even if you lost most of them, you still would have an ice chest full of at least a dozen different species of fish.

Up at Loreto, the larger dorado around some of the outer islands have created quite a buzz with some of the fish in the 35- to 50-pound class being landed. Another prized catch has been some of the larger amberjack caught around the rocky outcroppings along the shore of the Sea of Cortez and islands.

Regardless of what you are targeting, summer is one of our most exciting times to try your hand at fishing. Plus, during the hot summer, the breezes on the water offer a great way to cool off.

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