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Acapulco Receives Aid from Los Cabos Firefighters Following Hurricane Otis


In the wake of Hurricane Otis, which left a trail of destruction in Acapulco, Guerrero, a team of eight highly skilled firefighters from Los Cabos is stepping in to assist with emergency efforts. These dedicated individuals possess specialized skills in cutting, diving, water rescue, first aid, and satellite communication, making them invaluable assets in a time of crisis.

Led by the capable Commander Juan A. Carbajal Figueroa, this team comprises individuals with distinct expertise. Which includes Lieutenant René Jiménez, an expert in paramedicine; Lieutenant Jorge Barrera, specialized in firefighting duties; Lieutenant Fredy Márquez and Fernando Alarcón, specialists in aquatic rescue; Sergeant Hilario Díaz and Jason Ceseña, firefighters; as well as Gerardo Esquerre, a specialist in communications.

Their mission is clear: to extend a helping hand to the beleaguered city of Acapulco, which is grappling with the aftermath of Hurricane Otis. The hurricane’s impact has resulted in blocked streets, severely damaged buildings, and disconcerting reports of looting. The city finds itself isolated, devoid of essential services such as electricity, phone networks, and fuel supply, prompting the deployment of military forces to restore order.

The situation in Acapulco is dire, with approximately one million residents facing the harsh reality of life without access to basic necessities, including water, internet, fuel, and food. Reports of looting at supply locations further underscore the urgency of the situation. In this time of distress, various institutions, including CFE, the Navy, the Army, and the National Guard, have mobilized to extend their assistance to the affected population in Acapulco.

The deployment of the Los Cabos firefighters is part of a larger collaborative effort, with local businesses, authorities, and the aforementioned military and governmental agencies working together to provide rescue and assistance in the hurricane-affected area. This multifaceted response underscores the spirit of unity and resilience in the face of adversity that characterizes these challenging times.

As the firefighters from Los Cabos join the collective response efforts, their specialized skills and unwavering commitment to saving lives and restoring order will undoubtedly make a significant impact in aiding Acapulco’s recovery from the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Otis.

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