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About Costa Azul Beach


Costa Azul is the ideal destination for anyone seeking adventure in Los Cabos. This 3 km (2 mi) stretch of white sand attracts expert surfers from around the world while also providing the perfect location for taking your first strokes in this incredible sport. The Zipper and La Roca Breaks are world-famous. Playa Costa Azul’s waters also lead you to Playa Acapulquito, in front of Cabo Surf Hotel.

Here you’ll find amenities like toilets, food vendors, picnic tables, and a parking lot. Which makes it the perfect spot for a beach party.

How to get there?

It’s impossible to overlook the incredible view of Costa Azul beach when driving to San José del Cabo along the Transpeninsular Highway. It is located at the tip of San José del Cabo and is easily accessible by private transport or bus. You can find the turnoff to this beach at the 78 km mark coming from Cabo San Lucas. Just follow the beach side of the highway, and you’ll be at Zipper’s restaurant in no time (perfectly located on the sand by the surf breaks). If you are coming from San José del Cabo, all you have to do is exit at Costa Azul Surf Shop and drive under the highway until you reach the parking area.

The best season to visit Costa Azul

Surfers gather here all year round, but most come in summer. This is the most active season, with long days, high waves, and warm water. It is also when tournaments like the Open of Surf take place, and you can find many instructors offering lessons.

But don’t let this discourage you if you plan on visiting during the winter. This season is great for other water activities like snorkeling and swimming, while still having plenty of waves to catch.

Tips to consider for your visit:

During the summer, we recommend being wary of the strength of the waves. If you are still a beginner, we recommend seeking advice from the local community regarding the breaks and rock formations, as well as tips on maneuvering around them.

Even if you don’t immerse yourself in its waters, Costa Azul remains an absolute must-visit in Los Cabos. It is one of the destination’s most iconic beaches and the perfect place to enjoy the sound of the waves as you walk along the coast.


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