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The A to Z of Things to do this Season in South Baja


ATV’s: With so many options and different outfitters offering ATV tours in Los Cabos, you are sure to have an unforgettable time by choosing any of them. Some operator’s routes pass through dry river beds, others on sand dunes or dirt trails through the mountains, and many other sceneries as well. No matter what company you choose you will most likely have a wonderful experience. All companies have great gear and guides, as there is a lot of local market competition here in Cabo for those type of businesses, so they all usually offer high quality services. Buggies: If you like ATV`s, you will love buggies. Look thoroughly into it as there are some great choices to choose from. Some offer Baja 1000 style race cars and others Can Am/BRP type vehicles. Charter a fishing trip: This activity is one of the best for a few reasons. First, you get to go out deep into nature in the beautiful ocean waters enjoying a wonderful time on a nice boat having some refreshing beverages and tasty snacks. And at the end of the day, you might just get a lovely fish to make fresh sashimi or a great fish plate. The perk is you`ll probably have plenty of fish to take back home too. Dive and dance: Scuba diving, if you are into it, is something you might want to think about since we have many first-class dive sites in the area. And less than a couple of hours away is the amazing reef called Cabo Pulmo, which is also a protected Marine National Park. In Cabo San Lucas, Pelican Rock is a great dive spot for all levels. And of course if you are in Cabo, you have to shake your body at any of the countless bars and dance clubs on the strip. Explore, Explore, Explore: Try a new adventure that takes you off the beaten path. Baja is very magical and around any corner you will encounter beautiful surprises. Fly: Take a ride on an ultralight off the beach in front of your hotel, or maybe go skydiving or take a day trip on a small local airline to Bahia Magdalena to see the whales during the winter months. Gorditas: This is a Mexican dish. It is made from corn like a tortilla, but is sliced on the side and filled with different stuffing like cheese and peppers, pulled pork, beef stew, beans and cheese, scrambled eggs, etc. They are delicious! Hide from the crowds: Only you know how to do this. But maybe rent a vehicle and go to La Paz, Todos Santos or Los Barriles. Or another idea could be a sunrise yoga session and an early run on the beach. Immerse yourself in hot springs: Go to the town of Santiago, one hour north of Los Cabos and get directions to Agua Caliente, which is only 15 minutes from Santiago. Other great hot springs in the area are in Santa Rita ranch. Get directions from a local in Santiago. It is only about 20 minutes away. This is the most relaxing adventure you can do! Jump off cliffs: Don´t do anything past your own limits and always check the depth of where you will land first. So maybe take some jumps off boulders when you visit the hot springs or Miraflores, or also when you are at Pelican Rock snorkeling or scuba diving. Kombucha: Check out the delicatessen store or local farmer`s market and look for locally bottled Kombucha. This fermented mushroom tea has many health benefits and tastes delicious when served chilled. Here in Cabo the locals make it by mixing it or infusing with mango, hibiscus and many other natural fruits and herbs. La Sierra: La Sierra refers to the local mountain range here in Baja Sur called Sierra de La Laguna, meaning Lagoon Mountain Range, which is a protected National Park. All the locals and tourists who visit love La Sierra because it offers so much beauty and adventures like the hot springs I mentioned before, as well as the wondrous waterfalls, and abundant flora and fauna. Plus, indescribable hiking, camping and star gazing. Miraflores: I want to mention the town of Miraflores because I just went a few days ago and had the most fun time I’ve had in a long time. It has been raining in Baja the last couple months and the streams are running strong. The cold pools are full of water and the waterfalls too have lots of water, the most I have seen in many years. Miraflores is just south of Santiago. From San Jose Airport, it is about a half hour drive north. There is a great zip line there if you wish to do something like that, or you can just have a fun time playing in the cold pools and river boulders. Navigate the sea: If you are not into a fishing trip, you might want to try a snorkel tour on a boat to a nearby cove or little bay like Chileno Reef or Santa Maria Bay. Or try a dinner cruise or sunset boat tour to the famous arch. Oysters on the shell: Find somewhere where they serve this savory dish. I love them! You can have them baked with grilled cheese, but for me, raw on the shell with only lime and sea salt please. Thank you! Palapa time: A palapa is a thatched roof shade made from palm tree leaves, usually situated on the beach or poolside. You need to spend at least 51% percent of your vacation time under one of these. Question: Question locals about the area. We love to talk about our beautiful Los Cabos. Run on the beach: A little exercise every day of your vacation will set the perfect tone and balance the days and nights during your visit. Sushi and surf: Two must do things while in Cabo. I like to think we have some of the best sushi on earth, so please get a reservation at one of the prestigious sushi spots in town. A surf session or lesson must be part of your trip for sure. Cabo is amazing for surfing! And perfect for learning to surf at spots like Acapulquito beach and Cerritos beach. Twerk: Ladies! The Cabo party strip will not let you down. The famous bars and clubs are undeniably a non-stop party and the tunes will inevitably have you twerking. Underwater pictures: Take home all your memories, even those when you were submerged underwater. Video: Maybe I don’t need to mention, but don’t forget to take some cool videos with your smart phone and make a cool video when you get home. Wedding: Cabo is a top wedding destination for sure. If I get married, when I get married, I will probably do it in Cabo. We have unbeatable and unbelievable weddings down here! The weather, the food, the beaches, the great accommodations and services are wordless. It is the perfect place for a special wedding. Xoloescuincle: Xoloescuincle is a dog breed we have here in Mexico. It is a very peculiar dog that comes in miniature and standard sizes. One of its main characteristics is that it is hairless. They have a very warm body temperature (warmer than most dogs) and are known for healing abilities. The name comes from the Nahuatl dialect. They have nothing to do with Los Cabos specifically, but I couldn`t come up with anything else for the letter X, and a couple friends have Xolos here in Cabo. Youthful spa treatment: The hotels here in Cabo are specialists in the best spa services. With innumerable types of treatments, the menu is vast to love yourself this vacation. Go back home feeling youthful and rejuvenated even after you partied like a rock star. Zip lining: Zip lining has become very popular in Los Cabos. The cool thing about the zip lines here are that the scenery is stunning. In one zip line you can be flying fast over a running stream filled with huge boulders, and on another one you can be crossing deep desert canyons filled with amazing cacti all around. Have a great vacation and come back soon. Thanks for visiting us!]]>

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