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DRINK MANGO DECK CABO– When many people think of Mango Deck, they think of beer drinking and crazy contests. But believe it or not, Mango is one of Roxy’s favorite places to visit! Roxy and I have been Mango regulars for many years; we even have our own sign on the Mango wall of fame. Mango has a «dog friendly» area on the north side of the beach. Roxy has been known to hop up on a lounge chair and relax for hours. She absolutely loves all the attention she receives from staff and people passing by. And when the day is done, and we are too tired to walk back up the hill, Mango provides a golf cart to your car (upon request). Roxy thoroughly enjoys riding in the cart with her ears flapping in the wind. @MangoDeckCabo


REMEXICO REAL ESTATE (Cabo, San Jose & Cabo Corridor) – If you are a dog lover interested in finding your dream home in Cabo, REmexico Real Estate office has an open-door policy for you and your pooch. Feel free to stop by any time to learn more about home ownership in Mexico. If you are lucky, you may catch Shooter at the REmexico Doyle Gallery location, while Roxy sometimes makes appearances at the downtown Cabo office. Dog kisses and tail wags are always FREE! CaboRealEstate.com @RealEstateCabo


WICKED PIZZA – Both Wicked Pizza locations have an incredible program to «make a PAWSitive difference.» Every Monday and Tuesday, Wicked donates $1 for every small pizza, $2 for every medium and $3 for every large to a local animal rescue. Proceeds from Monday go to Los Cabos Humane Society while Tuesday goes to El Ranchito. @Wickedpizza Wicked isn’t the only place that welcomes well-behaved pets. In Cabo, you can visit Cabo Cantina, Sancho’s, Fisherman’s Landing, Mint Jungle/Amber’s Market, Sandbar, Tanga Tanga, Jungle Bar or Blue Thai. In San Jose, try CJ’s NY Deli, El Rinconcito, Acre or Flora Farms.


DOG SURF COMP CERRITOS – We had a fantastic time at Dog Surf Comp Cerritos this year! The winner for the second year in a row went to Cala, while Sully (or «SoSo» as his parents called him) and Pirata tied for 2nd place. Although there were standouts, all the dogs were considered winners and were happy to raise money for Pescy Dogs Rescue. Each participant had their own unique style; Cala, the one blue eyed beauty from San Jose and Haole, a yellow lab from Ventura, CA preferred to shred on all fours, while Sully made backwards takeoffs and 360’s look easy. Cerritos resident Pirata showed no fear, starting the furthest from the beach and catching long rides to shore in a down low position. This approach earned Pirata the 2017 «Tillman Award» for the best wave. Destino Los Cabos was a proud sponsor of the 2017 Dog Surf Comp Cerritos! @DogSurfCompCerritos


Roxy LOVES Medano Beach, but if Medano isn͛t your style, Costa Azul, Cerritos, La Playita and Sheraton beach all allow dogs. TIP- Always remember to bring a water dish, towel for wet paws, and umbrella to avoid overheating.


There is no shortage of sick, injured and homeless animals in the Baja. The good news is, there are several hard-working organizations making a difference every day and many ways you can help! The following rescues desperately need donations, supplies and volunteers: LOS CABOS HUMANE SOCIETY (Cabo San Lucas)– The Los Cabos Humane Society has served the Cabo community since 1991. Read more about LCHS in our July issue of Destino Magazine at: destinoloscabos.com/los-cabos-humane-society/ @LosCabosHumaneSociety CABO CRITTERS ANIMAL RESCUE (Cabo San Lucas) – Cabo Critters strives to rehabilitate and find homes for very sick and abused dogs and cats, mamas and bottle babies.»We love when people choose to sponsor a specific animal(s) to help us quickly get them what they need to recover and be on their way to their forever family,» explained Carlea Staehnke. Cash donations are urgently needed, especially in the slower summer months, along with cat/dog food, blankets, towels, sheets, fans for the summer, veterinary help, medications, formula, baby bottles, adult diapers and kennels. Donations can be dropped off at Peludogs Canine Estética or call for local pick up at (624) 192-2057. Donate via Paypal: modehumane@hotmail.com @Cabocritters ALMA HUMANITARIA (Los Barriles)– ALMA Humanitaria, founded in 2003, is dedicated to the welfare of domestic animals in Los Barriles and surrounding areas. ALMA is a non-profit organization funded solely by private contributions. Because they do not have a traditional shelter, ALMA relies on a network of foster families to provide animals a safe and loving environment until they are adopted into a «furever» home. ALMA is always looking for new foster homes, even if on a short-term basis. Their website describes,»Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience as we watch our pets heal, gain confidence and thrive.» almahumanitaria.org @almahumanitaria PESKY DOGS (El Pescadero) – Pesky Dogs provides around the clock care, shelter, and love for needy dogs in and around El Pescadero. Their annual doggie surf event raises money for much needed medical care and supplies. Pescy dogs Facebook page explains «It’s our wish to provide refuge for sick and abandoned dogs, provide a space for public sharing, lost and found pups and networking for the adoptions of [these] amazing mutts……..and……..many many happy tails!!» pescydogs.org @PescyDogs EL RANCHITO (San Jose Del Cabo) – El Ranchito is a no-kill facility that cares for sick, injured and abused animals in San Jose. Relying solely on donations, their website explains how you can «make a monthly pledge and be a Fairy Dog Mother or Fairy Dog Father. These dogs could not be given a second chance without your help…We are always in need of dog food, treats, medications, shampoos, cleaning supplies, bleach, soap, towels, sanitizing hand cleaner, paper towels, etc.» El Ranchito has a small and dedicated group of volunteers that make a BIG difference in the lives of homeless pets. Donations can be made at Pelu Dogs, The Caboholic Store, or by visiting elranchitocabo.com.@elranchitocabo BAJA S.A.F.E. (San Jose Del Cabo) – Baja S.A.F.E. was founded by Isabelle Ann Tiberghien in 2007. Isabelle works tirelessly in the barrios of San Jose providing vaccinations and food as well as educating locals on the importance of sterilization, and how to properly care for domestic pets. Their FB page mission is to educate the «families who have dogs and do not know how to take care of them…It takes lots of time and many trips to visit these areas but once you have a family who understands, their friends and families start to understand too…Some can afford it, but others cannot but still love their dogs and cats. We need to help them.» Baja S.A.F.E. depends entirely on generous donations and an annual fundraising gala. They adopt not only to Baja residents, but also ship to the U.S. and Canada. bajasafe.com @bajasafe]]>

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