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Sarahuaro Foundation: Raising strong children, one mother at a time


Helping mothers nurture strong, resilient children is the corner stone of building a better future. In this edition of The Baja Bubble we explore the heart of a community-driven initiative dedicated to nourishing both bodies and minds, taking a look at how they are shaping local communities and leaving an indelible mark on the region. Sarahuaro is a foundation dedicated to empowering women and feeding children in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

We spoke to Nancy Brelos, the driving force behind Sarahuaro Foundation, who discovered her passion for community engagement after relocating to Cabo San Lucas and realizing she wasn’t quite ready for retirement. With a heart fueled by a desire to make a difference, Nancy became deeply involved in local initiatives, inspiring fellow expats to join hands in serving the community. As the head of Sarahuaro Foundation, Nancy’s leadership and unwavering dedication have been instrumental in creating a ripple effect of positive change, touching the lives of countless women and children in Los Cabos.

At the forefront of this movement is «The Children’s Kitchen,»  a program to feed children while in school so they can perform better academically. The kitchens are located in two Federal primary schools in the Gastelum neighborhood, not far from Downtown Cabo San Lucas. Here, a team of over 200 volunteer mothers rotate through the two kitchens to prepare 350 meals every day. These kitchens bring children more than just food, for them it is also a center of security and well-being.

The Children’s Kitchen it’s a testament to the power of giving and collective action. Through their selfless dedication, these volunteers fill the center with the spirit of giving back, creating a sense of pride and union in their community.  Their hard work is an example of how true change is born and fueled by common people who commit themselves to make a difference.

Yet providing kids the nourishment they need is only part of their work. To truly help them grow we must also nurture their minds, giving them the tools and confidence they need to create their own path of success. This has been the mission behind Sarahuaro Center for Women’s Development, who have served their community by providing education and opportunities to women who needed them.

This institution offers a variety of classes and services with the goal of giving women the skills and knowledge they need to thrive. From English courses to sewing workshops, they provide a way for women to become economically independent and self-sufficient.

By empowering women, Sarahuaro uplifts entire communities. As mothers gain awareness, they become able to break a cycle of poverty and open a door for a brighter future, for themselves and their children. This chain of change extends far beyond the reach of Sarahuaro, and touches countless lives, transforming every community in Los Cabos.

Sarahuaro Foundation teaches us what can be achieved when people come together under a shared vision. Their example serves as an inspiration to commit ourselves to building a future where everyone has access to better opportunities, regardless of their circumstances.

Join Sarahuaro in making a difference! Expats in Cabo San Lucas are encouraged to lend a hand and get involved in our community initiatives.

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