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Public Education in Mexico: Guaranteed, but not free of cost


hundreds of nonprofit organizations and generous individuals have stepped in to help meet the needs of thousands of young adults in Mexico who wished to continue their education. In Baja California Sur, organizations such as Liga MAC in Los Cabos, the East Cape Guild in Los Barriles, the Palapa Society of Todos Santos, and FANLAP in La Paz offer scholarships to students whose families do not have the economic means to provide the relatively low-cost of school tuition, uniforms, school supplies and transportation (which often amounts to more than the tuition) for their children. Each of these organizations works directly with the local schools to carefully vet their students and families and offer other programs and resources to ensure their success. They are all committed to one common goal: that no child is denied the right to education simply because they can’t afford pencils and notebooks or the proper uniform shirt. To learn more about the local organizations working to improve educational outcomes in Baja California Sur, look for the BCS Giving Guide at www.donate.icfdn.org or contact Eliza Brennan at: eliza@icfdn.org.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]]]>

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