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October Outdoors




by Alex Navarro, local outdoor adventure expert

Welcome to Baja! It’s great that you are here in the beautiful month of October because the weather is very nice this time of year, making the options to enjoy the outdoors almost limitless.

Since it has been raining a lot all throughout the summer, one fantastic idea is to do a day tour to check out the beautiful waterfall at the «Cañon de la Zorra» which is just outside the charming little town of Santiago. A visit to this famous waterfall will be the perfect outing this vacation to change it up a bit and see a different side of Baja.

If you’re the kind of person that might go out and explore the waterfalls, I recommend also doing some hiking in the area. Some of my favorite hikes are up into San Dioniso canyon and up from Agua Caliente. There are many outfitters that do tours to this area and your concierge can easily help you book this trips. As I mentioned before, we have had nice rains this summer, so therefore the cold pools throughout the trails are filled up so this makes the hikes very special.

Furthermore, October is very famous in Cabo for all the legendary sport fishing tournaments like the Bisbees and many more. The fishing is amazing this time of year and my fishermen friends have caught some nice tuna and jurel (mackerel)lately which both are delicious. So maybe book a fishing trip this vacation and have some super fresh sashimi.

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is snorkeling. The water temperature is very nice during October and there are many different spots in Cabo to do some great snorkeling. Some popular spots are Chileno reef and Santa Maria bay, and farther away is Sirenita beach in Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park which is spectacular. Snorkeling is a great way to do something really adventurous in an easy and safe way. So go for it if you’ve never done it!

Last month I wrote about surfing, so for sure I would highly suggest you try it out if you have never done it. October is the perfect time to do it because there are waves breaking in the Pacific Ocean and also on the Cabo side of the peninsula. We have excellent surf schools in Cerritos beach and Costa Azul as well. Catch some waves and go back home with some great surf stories!

Cabo has grown a lot the in past years and is still growing very much, and all throughout this growth we have been very lucky to receive many excellent adventure companies. We have great operators of zip lines, off road tours, wave runners, parasailing, scuba diving, bungee jumping, fly boarding, and many more fun activities. So go for it and make that reservation for that one adventure you have never done!

Thinking of great operators, we have amazing boating and sailing tours in Cabo too. The options are numerous and you can choose your perfect outing. Maybe it’s a snorkeling tour, or a dinner and wine sunset cruise. Whatever you choose it will be memorable. Cabo’s nature and sightseeing is magical!

Finally, a great way to enjoy Baja outdoors is to take a nice walk outside. My favorite walks and suggestions are: Puerto Los Cabos marina where they have an outdoors permanent exhibition by famous artist Leonora Carrington, the Cabo San Lucas marina where you can enjoy a mix of the outdoors and city life all at once, San Jose del Cabo’s and Todos Santos’ downtowns where many artisans, artists, musicians and restaurateurs reside, and last but not least the enchanting La Paz boardwalk or «Malecon» where you can walk and observe the calm sea.

So have a lot of fun and enjoy Cabos’s wonderful outdoors. Thanks for coming to Baja and please come back soon to relax and adventure once more!

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