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Learn more about the players of the Mifel Tennis Open


Los Cabos, July 31, 2023 – A new edition of Tennis Talks took place this Monday as the main draw of the Mifel Tennis Open by Telcel Oppo gets underway. In-depth talks with the players of the seventh edition left lessons about their life, sport and professionalism to all those present.

World No. 13, Cameron Norrie, opened the curtain to tell the story of how he decided to move country to pursue his dream and also the importance of going to college.

“I played rugby at school, but I decided to commit to tennis, give it the opportunity, all my energy and it was a big gamble for me, moving from New Zealand to be full on with tennis… I wasn’t being very professional in London, I needed to mature, so it definitely shaped me, I think that was probably the reason I got into university, I wanted to have a normal lifestyle, go to classes,” shared the British representative.

“I always recommend doing the degree, you have to be fully committed to going tournament after tournament. At 18 or 19 you sacrifice a lot, all your friends are having fun, you feel like you’re going to miss that, but if you’re good enough you have to do it… The big difference is that you have less pressure in college, you have time to develop physically and you have fun” concluded the 2021 Los Cabos Tennis Open champion.

Then it was the turn of Mexican junior Rodrigo Pacheco, who shared his experience at Roland Garros junior, where he won the doubles championship this 2023. “I forget that I’m at the top of the junior ranking. Sometimes I think I’m just one more in the tournament, but then I realize that I can reach the title and I fight for it.”

Tommy Paul, current ATP No. 14, was asked about whether he feels pressure to carry the U.S. flag since there is no U.S. player who is close to being the No. 1 in tennis.

“Of course there is pressure in American tennis but we are in a good moment and a lot of people are excited. I enjoy playing for my country, the pressure from the fans is enjoyable. The pressure from the press I think is something the players create, I don’t feel it. Any athlete in any sport can feel it, but we do this from such a young age that we were trained for it,” he said.

The audience was also able to ask questions to the stars, including several children who play tennis. Stefanos Tsitsipas, who closed the Tennis Talks, revealed the reason why he decided to pursue a professional career in the sport.

“My main goal was to provide for my family. It was the first thing that came to my mind, to give them a better life. Of course Grand Slams and No. 1 are clichés that of course any player wants, but my vision is to make a life out of tennis. I am privileged to have to work hard, there are many people in the world, children suffering without food, without a roof over their heads. There is no better feeling when you go to sleep than knowing you worked hard. I owe my life to tennis, I’ve made a name for myself because of it,” shared the Greek No. 5 in the world, who also assured that his relationship with tennis player Paula Badosa is the best thing that has happened to him and that he has already become a fan of singer Bad Bunny.


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