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Fun in the Sun


Flyboarding in Medano Bay[/caption] Well, without doubt you have to check out the famous arch at Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas and go back home with your own pictures and videos of this beautiful land formation that represents us worldwide. Do it in the way that attracts you most, there are many choices to choose from to embark in this adventure. For example, renting a jet ski at Medano bay, or booking a boat trip that cruises past the arch and onto the Pacific side to observe the whales or towards the Sea of Cortez for some snorkeling at one of the beautiful bays. If you love sea kayaking, or want to try it out for the first time, rent a kayak at Medano bay or hire an adventure operator for a guided tour to the amazing arch. Banana boats, flyboards, jet packs, flybikes, and more, are available along Medano Beach. One of the most popular natural tourist draws in the Baja is the high number of whales which migrate here each year. These spectacular animals can be seen spouting and breaching from the beach or hotel rooms, but whale-watching boat tours offer a real up-close experience. An even grander experience can be found just north in the city of La Paz. Here, guests can charter a tour for the chance to snorkel among migrating whale sharks – gentle, plankton-eating giants which are the world’s largest known species of fish. Cabo San Lucas also has a variety of booze cruises from which to select, ranging from just going out for a tour with open bar to having, lunch, breakfast and other activities like snorkeling, sunset tours and pirate shows. While at Medano bay, I would recommend you have some lunch at one of the many delicious beachfront restaurants. This is a very popular thing to do in Cabo, and like checking out the arch, it’s a must do. This is also a must do activity if you want to be in the middle of the beach action Cabo style. There is a lot to see and observe on the crowded beach to later tell funny and entertaining stories to your friends. Of course, if your here for a more relaxing vacation, this might not be for you! In which case, you can reserve a table for dinner at one of the breathtaking ocean view or beachfront palapa-terrace restaurants all throughout Cabo’s prestigious hotels. [caption id="attachment_3265" align="alignleft" width="259"] Partying in Cabo![/caption] Speaking of food, downtown San Jose del Cabo and the Cabo San Lucas strip and marina are also wonderful for outdoor dining. One great option is Thursday nights in San Jose when the very popular Art Walk takes place. The scene is magical and enchanting. Imagine having a great dish with your loved ones from one of the second story balconies in this charming art district. Still speaking of food! If on this vacation you plan to do some cooking yourself, get some of your ingredients at the municipal market in San Jose de Cabo. There are many regional fresh items to choose from. The other great places to buy delicious food to prepare is at the numerous organic markets that take place throughout the week days all over Los Cabos and one of my favorite ones is the famous Mercado Organico of San Jose del Cabo which just celebrated its 15th anniversary and sets up every Saturday from November to May. Also countless organic delicatessens are sprouted throughout Cabo and there you can find the coolest healthy stuff, and not just food from the local farms, but soaps and other natural beauty products made locally as well. Now that we are talking about shopping, another great activity is to do some outdoor shopping or just window shopping at the streets in San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo or Todos Santos. You will find the most amazing Mexican crafts and clothes, but not just that, there is art presented all over, which makes walking the streets very entertaining. Sometimes when I’m walking around Cabo I feel like I am in a magical theme park with all the people enjoying themselves, both locals and visitors doing their thing. It is a wonderful vibe! Talking about good vibes, surfing is amazing all over Cabo. You can find waves all year. If you’ve never done it, this is the place to learn. Amazing instructors will get you up and surfing in your first lesson. The best places for lessons are the beaches in Costa Azul, such as Acapulquito and Pescaditos, and on the Pacific side, Cerritos beach is the place to go. For experienced surfers, there are numerous breaks all around. Cruise over to page 18 to find a great list. So you’ve been all day in the sun, why not get a massage right on the beach under a palapa right after sipping your refreshing drink or beer. Now, after a day of surfing and relaxing you are ready for some nightlife. The Cabo San Lucas downtown party strip is very fun to do some bar hopping and the coolest thing is that you can stay outdoors throughout the night if you wish. Most restaurants, bars and clubs have terraces and patios under the sky and the music is great all around. What a great vacation dancing under the stars! [caption id="attachment_3267" align="alignright" width="318"] Waterfall in Santiago[/caption] After all the dancing, your feet will be in need of some soothing. You could opt for putting your feet in the sand all morning, or get really adventurous and explore the healing hot springs in Santa Rita ranch in Santiago town. Either book a trip with an outfitter or rent a car and discover them yourselves by asking any local in Santiago how to get there. There, you can sink your feet in the soothing hot thermal waters and also jump in the cold waters of the stream that runs beside. It is perfect for revitalizing after that crazy and fun night out. Well, so far if you have checked out the arch, seen some whales, snorkeled a bit, caught a wave, dined outside, got a massage, basked in hot springs, danced a lot, and bought some gifts for others and some souvenirs for yourself, your vacation is going great! But if you still have some days left, here are some recommendations to keep the vibe outside: On a windy day, how about doing some sailing or on really calm day some scuba diving would be perfect. Scuba diving excursions are a popular draw in Los Cabos. Need to get certified? You can do that, too! Several local companies offer PADI certification courses designed for visitors who are short on time. Guests can often receive a limited certification and be diving in as little as two days. When it’s overcast, hiking or mountain biking might be the option to get out of the hotel room. On a really sunny day with blue skies, spending all day at the beach playing games with family and friends would be unforgettable. Anything from bocce ball, to throwing a frisbee or playing volleyball and making sand castles. Spending the day at the beach with your loved ones and beach set up is what Cabo is all about. Very basic but so much fun, just an umbrella, a cooler with great snacks and drinks, some beach toys and a towel is pretty much all you need. The Baja has a diverse ecosystem and a beauty unique to the area. One example is in the San José estuary, an approximately 125-acre protected region where dozens of species of birds, lizards, and plants can be spotted. You can explore the estuary by foot, horseback, or even by kayak. Horseback and camel safaris are also available at adventure parks, offering knowledgeable guides and memorable experiences. If you still have some energy and time, try one of the local companies that offer amazing activities like zip lining, bungee jumping, waterfall tours and many other kinds of exhilarating adventures. If you’re looking for something fast-paced, try an all-terrain vehicle excursion such as four-wheelers, Rhinos, or Xrail buggies. That is what is so great about Cabo. That every day that you leave the doors of your room an endless spectrum of choices to spend a wonderful time enjoying the outdoors is at your reach. Of course, not to forget, one of the things you can’t leave Cabo without doing is going for an old time basic swim in the shoreline. Even for a quick dip, getting bathed in some vitalizing ocean water while receiving the sun rays is so good for the body, soul and mind. You can’t go back home without getting in the ocean’s waters. Have a lot of fun outside this vacation and please come back to do it all over again soon. Take care and thanks so much for visiting our iconic Cabo![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]]]>

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