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Expat Chronicles – About Making Friends in Cabo


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By Bobbie Coray“Don’t move to Mexico,” they said, “You are a widow, and as interesting as you think you are, you are actually old. And, you don’t know a soul in Cabo. You don’t even drink and Cabo is a drinking mecca. Are you crazy?” But the ocean was beckoning, and I did know some folks from coming to Church here and of course my lovely realtor. So, this intrepid 75-year-old widow bought a condo on the beach in San Jose and ran away from home!I must admit that I actually did pay attention to the warnings. I steeled myself for some lonely days and brought a ton of books to read. Don’t ask me how much reading I’ve done. Let’s just say that I’ve been so busy with my squad, posse, gang, whatever you call it, that I really haven’t had much time to read.About the third day I was here, enjoying perfectly floating in the perfectly heated pool on a perfectly wonderful weather day…I mused to one of my new neighbors. “Everything would be perfect if only there was a pool boy to bring me a virgin pina colada.” At which point Roger flings himself out of his lounger, dashes to his condo and comes back with an (of course!) perfect virgin pina colada or VPC as I call it, made with frozen pineapple and other delicious delights. Now Roger has a hat which says, “Bobbie’s Pool Boy” and often brings a drink to me at the pool wearing said hat. And that is how the friendships began. Soon after Roger, I met Steve and Tracy, gourmet cooks, started bringing me the most amazing meals three times a week and provided the group with corn hole and horseshoes games. Joe who is piqued that I haven’t mentioned him yet in one of these articles is the person who actually knows it all. No kidding. He knows all about the building, Mexican law, restaurants, ATM machines, shopping places, gossip, money. Everything. One caveat though, only a third of what he says is true because he likes to watch everyone (me) fall for something he has said in all seriousness. Lynn, Roger’s wife is so gorgeous that you might hate her excepting that she is sweet, smart, and fun to be with. Aggie, Joe’s wife, is a fabulous decorator and I’ve copied almost everything she has in her condo, she’s fun too. Well, everyone is fun. Duff and Lynn are so interesting. Lynn laughs at all my stories and Duff brings me my chair at the wall with well- timed insults and a grin.Living full time in Cabo has shown me that it is easier to make friends than you would think. It has also proven that a lot of the preconceived social barriers seems to disappear down here. While my list of friends and their names is certainly different from yours. I know that you too will end up with a great group around you. But before I close this column, let me tell you a little more about my gang and how amazing they are.You may be surprised to hear that I went for lunch to a restaurant on the beach with wonderful Suzanne and Mike, I was sure I’d never be invited anywhere since there is just me and no one likes an uneven table, but that hasn’t seemed to bother anyone. Paulina, Jesse, and I play dominoes. I beat Jesse the first time we played and really rubbed it in, but haven’t won since, as he now keeps reminding me. Viv and Tim and Elaine and Lenny wave from their balconies when I go to the pool. Ben and Kim are young and fascinating. They add to the diversity and the mix of great people. Joe Bob is a kick, sarcastic and funny. A great new couple from Idaho, Anne and Ed just moved in and immediately became part of our amazing group at the wall!The Wall. We all seem to gravitate to the wall around the pool where we sit during “Happy Hour” and visit. That hour often turns into two as we all share our daily Cabo adventures and misadventures. This is where I get most of my information about Mexico. So, making friends turned out to be the best thing about moving to Cabo.For my part, what I bring to the group is the fact that I educate everyone on how best to use Amazon USA and Amazon Mexico. Which I will share with you in the future. 

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