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About Chileno Beach


Chileno Beach is a beautiful beach destination that offers a serene and family-friendly atmosphere. Its clear, calm waters and golden sandy shores make it an ideal place for swimmers of all ages, to the clear and make it a perfect place for snorkeling trips, where visitors can enjoy exploring the abundant marine life near the shore.

This beach is an obligatory stop for anyone visiting Los Cabos and can be easily accessed by car or taxi taking the exit around kilometer 14 along the Tourist Corridor. Just look for the signs to guide you there.

Chileno Beach also provides convenient facilities for visitors. You’ll find public restrooms and showers available, ensuring a comfortable experience for beachgoers. Additionally, there’s a handicap ramp that leads directly to the beach, making it accessible to everyone.

It’s important to note that there are no restaurants or vendors along the shore, so we recommend bringing your own drinks and food and enjoy a picnic surrounded by the natural beauty that this beach has to offer.

Here’s a list of items you might want to bring to Chileno Beach:

  • Sunscreen: Keep your skin protected from the sun whit a high SPF sunscreen. We recommend looking for a waterproof option!
  • Swimwear: Chileno Beach is one of the best spots in Cabos for swimming and snorkeling, so make sure to bring your swimsuit and a towel.
  • Shade: A beach umbrella or a portable shade tent can provide relief from the sun, especially during the hottest hours of the day.
  • Snorkeling Gear: Take advantage of the calm waters and vibrant marine life by bringing your own snorkeling gear.
  • Water Shoes: While the sandy areas of the beach are soft, Water shoes can come in handy to walk over rocky sections.
  • Water and snacks: There are few food options available at the beach. Try to come prepared and bring your own water and snack
  • Cash: While it’s not guaranteed, sometimes you can find vendors on the beach selling snacks and snorkeling gear. Bring cash just in case!
  • Hat and sunglasses: A hat and sunglasses will help protect your face and eyes from the sun’s rays.


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