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Baja Voices – Philipp Moser


How long have you lived in Los Cabos? If you’re not a native of Baja, why did you originally move to Los Cabos? I’ve lived in Cabo for over six years and as so many others I came on vacation and never left. The weather, the ocean and the lifestyle of Cabo made the whole difference: surfing, scuba diving, whale watching and so many other things to do here! What is your favorite way to explore Los Cabos? Well, the best way to explore Cabo is by getting around with a car and search for little secret spots: Cabo is not just Cabo! Getting away from the crowds is easy and there are so many beautiful spots such as Sierra la Laguna and Santiago that are off the beaten trek. What do you do for fun? For fun I take my family on camping trips! Sleeping under the stars and enjoy nature away from all the technology that have literally invaded our lifestyle.

The importance of not taking everything too seriously took me a while to learn, coming from a Nordic country. Relaxing and taking things easy is part of Cabo’s lifestyle.
What do you do to decompress? I search for new things to do. As I mentioned before, there are still so many things in Baja that have not been discovered yet: sometimes I take off with the kids looking for fossils in the dried-out river beds and some other times I hide up the mountains looking for peace or eventually I take a trip to Magdalena Bay to fish or drive to Loreto to see the old Spanish Mission. Name one thing you feel is unique to Los Cabos. Cabo is relatively small, but it has everything you need. I’ve been around quite a bit but this place has got something special, it’s never boring and it offers an exciting and motivating lifestyle. What is your favorite locals hangout in Los Cabos? Why? I love the small bar in center town called Jungle Bar. The why is very easily explained, that’s where I met my wife! Lovely little bar with great life music. What are you currently reading? Watching? I’m currently reading a book about Jeff Bezos the guy who created Amazon. I always find real life stories interesting as there’s so much to learn from people that made it possible to create something that big out of nothing. What has living in Los Cabos taught you about life? The importance of not taking everything too serious, took me a while to learn that lesson coming from a Nordic country. Relaxing and take things easy is part of Cabo’s lifestyle. What would you tell anyone coming to Los Cabos? Come to Cabo! A safe, fun and exciting place to stay for a short time or a long time, it’s well worth it! Be careful: a trip here is life changing like it happened to me…you could be the next one![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]]]>

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