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Alternative Wedding ceremonies


Love and marriage look different for everyone. A wedding ceremony is no different. Hollywood has fed us a cookie-cutter approach to falling in love with grand romantic gestures, dramatic proposals that end in a white dress, and a happily ever after. This might be the dream for some couples; a religious ceremony in a church or a temple. A priest or pastor explaining the meaning of marriage and blessing the union. However, for many others, it might not feel like the right fit. It varies from couple to couple depending on their shared values. Researching and thinking about alternative wedding ceremonies to celebrate your love is a unique way to start planning!

In this day and age, you can have your ceremony exactly the way you want it. Putting thought and meaning behind every single action and single will make the whole experience magical. Perhaps you’d like to include your family and friends and have them speak or officiate the wedding. Who better to speak of your journey than the people who have witnessed it? They could each offer a special gift or offering, depending on what they’d like to wish you. Having your guests participate is a wonderful way to celebrate your marriage. There won’t be a dry eye in the house. 

Creating Meaningful Moments and Unconventional Traditions

When it comes to venues, sacred temples go beyond a church, chapel, or synagogue. Perhaps nature is where you connect to a higher power, whether you feel most grounded with your feet on the sand or on the grass. If nature is important to you, you might be interested in a Tree Planting Ceremony, where the couple plants a tree together to symbolize their commitment to growth and longevity. Where there is love there is life. What a better way to start a new chapter than by planting a tree! 

Alternative wedding ceremonies can be anything from sand ceremonies, where the couple pours different colors of sand into a container to represent their individual lives and then combines the sand to symbolize their unity, to others such as candle or feet washing ceremonies. You can take any symbol you like and make it yours as well as play with your guests’ seating. Have them sit in a circle instead of rows! 

At the end of the day, what really matters is that the ceremony is meaningful to you as you embark on a new journey with your partner.

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